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The federal government has proposed new regulations that threaten your access to life-saving medicines.

These changes mean fewer life-changing medicines available to us. It will force Canadians to leave the country for better medical care—if they can afford it.

Read our submission to the House Standing Committee on Health

Your access
to the best medicines is at risk.

Millions of Canadian lives depend on your action, right now.

As leaders of health charities and groups that represent millions of Canadian patients, we are scared. These changes will affect your family’s access to ground-breaking drugs for deadly diseases like cancers, cystic fibrosis, blindness and many others in the future.

We need your help

Canadians deserve better. We deserve access to the medicines we need. We deserve a better balance between reducing costs and access to new medicines. We deserve lower drug costs from pharmaceutical companies. We need all sides working together for Canadian patients.